Post 446: Straying Cat Strut

!!!!MISSING MALE BENGAL SINCE AUGUST 3!!!! (Location Circle @ Ish Street)

Missing Cat (Best Freind) since August 3 10:30pm
Last seen Location Circle and Ish Street.
Male, nurtured, 5years old
REWARD 1000$

Let’s say you had a best fre-ind (spell check keeps correcting that for me) cat since August 3rd at 10:30 pm. Very specific, for one thing. Anyway, this male has been nurtured for 5 years but you only recently called him the f word. Wouldn’t you expect him to take off? And what kind of name is Sabre, anyway? It smacks of Bengali Occupation by the Imperial Overlords. Should have named him Daakshi, which means golden.

NinjaChow, great ad submission, but I am pretty sure this Sparky is offering Zimbabwe dollars there. Caveat Sparky, I always say.


2 thoughts on “Post 446: Straying Cat Strut

  1. Too many texters mimic spoken word, and symbols replace words. Hence “4” = “for”; “u” replaces “you”; & “$” = “dollars.” Rather than a symbic convention where a number is rendered into currancy.

    The sparkii the mangle all that into absurdities like “$1 dollars” as they attempt to nacigate both spoken and written eord at once.
    Which rather neuters than nurtures language.

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