Post 448: Escape the Hamster Cage

 “Hamster Haven” 

Used just a few weeks. Great Cage. Easy to clean.
Reason for sale? Had a Robo escape. One pic is with shelf and one without. The silent spinners and saucer wheels I am using in my bin cage.

$85.00 or best serious offer. Thanks

What we have here is a failure to communicate. A company called Roblox has a game called Escape the Hamster Cage. I’m thinking Sparky tried to beat the game while letting his furry little friend have tools, a Barreta, and unlimited Red Bull. The resulting Robopet enacted a Roboescape and left Sparky with a bin cage.

Thanks, NinjaChow, you are the best Pet Correspondent we have ever had.

2 thoughts on “Post 448: Escape the Hamster Cage

  1. Kinda sad that even robo pets can outsmart poor Spark’

    Although, it is some concerning that Spark has a cage in a (or of a) waste bin.
    Though, that could be a translation error via ottokorrect and Spark eas referring to the throat warbler bin.

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