Post 449: Snow Sparky and the 7 Buckets

FREE 7 buckets of rocks / stones

post 449 buckets

I’d like to get rid of these 7 buckets of rocks / stones. They’ve been in the buckets for a few years. Perfect for drainage!

Pull right up and take all of it, rocks and buckets. Please include your ☀ ️PHONE☀ ️ in 1st reply.

Now that Snow Sparky has found his or her prince, the buckets can go. The ad says there are rocks and stones inside, but it certainly looks like sludge to me. No way that will help with drainage. Ralph, your state is almost as odd as Canada. Live Free or Die is a good motto but No Step on Snek is a little less on track. Thanks for the ad!

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3 thoughts on “Post 449: Snow Sparky and the 7 Buckets

  1. 5 gallons is about 5/8 cubic feet.
    So spark wants to shift 4 1/3 cf of random, presumably rocky, soil. That’s less than a sixth of a cubic yard.

    The common unit for dirtwork is s cubic yard, 27 cubic feet (20.6 cubic meters).

    A person wanting just a “bucket” of stones can typically go to the home center and pay $5 or $6, and even get them put in one’s ride.

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  2. “They’ve been in the buckets for a few years.” From the way the buckets are disintegrating, possibly a few decades. Good luck picking them up and getting them home in one piece.

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