Post 454: Because Every Dog Wants New Shoes for Christmas

I whimpered because I had no shoes until I met a dog who had to wear these.

Dog Xmas Gift Set $50

New Pink dog set includes:

-New pink dog shoes
– NEW dog sweater (XL – sizing is in pics but suitable for schnauzer, pug, poodle…)
high quality, knit
Not online quality


It’s Christmas Morning. Picture your dog watching your kids open their iPads and Smart Phones, watching you open your diamond necklace, watching your spouse opening beer after beer, and even that cat gets an automated laser pointer to chase. What does Brutus get? Pink shoes and a sweater. He’ll be a hit down at the dog park later that day.

NinjaChow sent this in so that we could all remember to not do our holiday shopping on Craigslist. This has been a PSA from Sparkyville.

6 thoughts on “Post 454: Because Every Dog Wants New Shoes for Christmas

  1. “Not online quality”?
    Is that greater or lesser than, Spark?
    Exactly which standard is that referencing?
    Offline netflix is the same as online–other than having to go out to the mail box.

    Offline Amazon does not have much to recommend it, though. Online woohoo similarly lacking in relation to irl.

    Although, I do have a preference for only stepping in online dog droppings.

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