Post 455: Old, Used, and Free

WANTED: Old used women’s magazines- free

Need magazines for a class on making vision boards for 2018. THANKS!!!

Women who are old and used rarely have magazines. They’ve shot off all their rounds and can’t afford more bullets. My impression of vision boards has nothing to do with target practice. What the heck, Sparky?

old_hag (304x320)

You don’t think he means old magazines of the paper kind that are targeted at women, do you? Is a magazine used if it’s been read once? Ralph, did you ever find that comma chameleon? Looks like we have a job for it.

3 thoughts on “Post 455: Old, Used, and Free

  1. Is a “vision board” some sort of art installation?
    Is it on Bristol or Crescent board, perhaps?

    Else sounds like blinders to me. Perhaps women of a certain sort are calming for draft animals to gaze upon while they sre in harness.

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