Post 456: Here Comes Tacky Claus


post 456 tacky horse

19″ Tall x 15″ wide. Mint condition. Ruby studs on crown and on rocking horse. He is wearing a Velvet fur trimmed cloak, the rocking horse has a hair tail and mane and faux leather bridal. It is a Kirkland product and sells new for 49.99 + tax.. If you are a collector this one is a must have.

Minty fresh. Ruby Studs. Kirkland is the top name in tacky holiday decorations. I like that the cloak is fur trimmed but the horse bridal is faux leather. I bridle at the thought of this nutcracker getting married, anyway.

NinjaChow, you collect a paycheck and the mail, right? This is a must have! As you said, “It wouldn’t be Christmas without tacky decorations.” Later this month, we’ll look back on other ghosts of Tacky Christmas Past.


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