Post 458: My TV Hates Me

Projection HDTV – $100

post 457 tv
condition: good
make / manufacturer: RCA
HDTV 52″ rejection TV. Missing original remote but comes with generic store bought remote. Guarantee the remote and TV are compatible. Buyer is responsible for pick up.

Let the buyer be responsible! It takes a strong person to deal with a rejection TV. This TV is so hateful it hid the original remote so that you have to settle for a generic, store bought one. Like when your mom sewed all your dresses for school and everyone knew you were a loser. Or when your dad went on a business trip with your football equipment in the trunk of his car.

Ralph sent this in without comment. He is wise.


6 thoughts on “Post 458: My TV Hates Me

  1. Uhm, wondering what emmenations Spark was getting from the flat screen.

    Or, maybe they hid vehind the couch and only watched what was reflected upon the wall.

    At which point, the appliance spurned them, perhaps?

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  2. To the couch, to the couch!
    Or else wall it up in Pringles spread.
    W’er tis nobler to w’stand
    QVC’s siren call,
    Or to sleep bathed in radiations
    Alas, poor Yorick, see, Hortaio, I knew him well,
    Ere he succumbed to emissions and
    How gamely he dance-ed, and japed
    Cheeto clad before yon grave box
    Ere it gave him bodkins point
    Upon the pertard.

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  3. These things are so often rejected they are frequently available for free on CL. Nobody wants to pick up a 200 lb. standard definition analog TV, take it to the dump, and pay for disposal. Sparky needs a compatible brain instead of his generic store-bought version if he expects to find someone who will pay $100 to haul it away.

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