Post 465: Comfort and Joy

Christmas Display Caroler Holiday Figurines – $50
Animated Collectible christmas caroling couple figures
These motion figurines plug in to move, rotate, sway and the candles light up.
They do not sing. Both figures are in good condition
They are each about 24 inches tall
$50 for the pair
Located in the Port [Location] area of [Ish]
Email me with any questions.
Please include your phone number
and we will get back to you right away.
Thank You

Do they lip sync? Does music play? Your honor, I submit that these are, in fact, psuedo carolers and not worth the bandwidth you are viewing them over.

As NinjaChow stated, “I can see why Sparky wants to get rid of these, I’d be afraid they’d stab me in my sleep.”

From everyone at Sparkyville, Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Blessed Hanukkah! Joy to the World! Pass me the Holiday Punch.


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