Post 471: Very A-Musing

Home 4 Muse

post 471 muse

Recording artist/writer can let cute muse hangout at near beach home in the nicest
part of [Ish]. Have fun and learn about art, music, literature…no muse
experience necessary. Please send a few pics/phone…holler.

I am new to this muse thing so I am glad I don’t need any experience. What kind of fun are you interested in while I inspire you to write and play music? Uh, really? Sorry, Sparky, no beach house privileges are worth that! My local CL is so classy.

3 thoughts on “Post 471: Very A-Musing

  1. No one gets me at Dollar World.
    So, could you please inspire me?
    Basic housekeeling and sexual favors included, too. You pay rent and utilities (si they don’t get shut off).
    You provide munchies, too, while we’re getting our art on.
    You also have to cover when the Dollar Store calls, too.

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