Post 472: Burn, Baby, Burn

I have no idea what these are, but they’re 12′ long

post 473 burn

Somebody probably knows what this is and can use it. Otherwise it’s getting burned

Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral? Does it make a noise? Obviously it’s bigger than a breadbox. I give up. Torch it. Thanks, Ralph, always fun stuff from your part of Sparkyville.


5 thoughts on “Post 472: Burn, Baby, Burn

  1. From the high quality, high definition photo provided, looks a bit like a brick.
    Which, weighing more than a duck, will not burn so well as, say, a witch.

    If those are, maybe, the ends of some gluelam beans or window headers (a long shot guess), the glues and moisture treatments will create an ill wind downwind.

    But, it’s also entirely possible Guessing Spark’ has been burning “free” pressure treated wood “scrap” for years now, and has grown accustomed to the sky tasting purple.

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