Post 476: Hall, Yes!

 $445000 / 2br – 1250ft2 – Condo house for sale at ##th ave and [Ish] rd ([Location])
I am selling my condo house with 2 big bedroom and 2 full bath . With appliances. Big leaving hall . Very good location near deltarise , gym , shopping mall , groceries stores, super store .
Asking price $445k .
This will be sold hurry

Sparky, very few people sell their own houses on Craigslist. Maybe Canada is different. But to avoid pitfalls like the condo being sold already or the big hall leaving before you get there, one uses an agent.

How high is the delta expected to rise and why do the groceries have their own store? Ew, is that an aunty stain on the balcony? NinjaChow says, “At that price I’d be leaving too.”


6 thoughts on “Post 476: Hall, Yes!

  1. “Leaving hall?” Is this place like an airport, with separate areas for arrivals and departures? And why all the pictures of the bathroom – are the other rooms still filled with dead bodies?

    And Sparky: Pepto Pink is an automatic -$400k price reduction.

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  2. A half million for only 1250 sf? Even in Canadaian money, that’s a lot of kwatloo.
    Like 360 loons/sf

    Now, ok, maybe Spark failed to carry the canary when converting furlongs into knives, and this is 13,455sf (1250m^^2)
    That would be CDN $33/sf (and it’s no where near that large).

    But, for a half million, you could build ypur own 1200sf (111m^^2) condo, and have no worries of bcc various rooms hoing walkabout.


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