Post 479: Not Much Help

Black Crib
Free Black Crib. Only used a couple years. Great condition. Missing one bolt that can be found at Home Depot. Already apart and ready to pickup.=====================FYI: Here’s the picture after some fiddling; not much help:

Sparky’s photography has me worried that his assessment of the condition of the crib may be not much help. His opinion on the availability of the missing bolt could be off. And his estimate of how long the crib was in use could be way out in left field. Which is probably where this crib should be left. Thanks, Ralph, good to know Sparky hasn’t lost his charms.


8 thoughts on “Post 479: Not Much Help

    • “Excuse me, but could you help me find some wood?”

      “I’m looking for a nice, long screw.”

      “Let me show you my tool.”

      “I have something that needs to be nailed.”

      “Show me your hardware.”

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