Post 484: No Phone for You

AT&T GoPhone REFILL Card $10 – $10

post 484 phone

Bought the wrong refill card at 7-Eleven and they would not give a refund. Please make reasonable offer if you use this service.
You can refill your phone before you pay me if you like…

Thank you.

Oh, thank heaven for — What do you mean, no refund? Lousy bums! Sparky, while it’s easy to make such a mistake, I think you should go to that survey web site on the receipt and tell them just exactly how much they messed up. Maybe you can get a refund AND sell the card! Oh, wait, that’s not right. Guess you will have to hope someone will load their own phone and not drive off without paying you 50 cents on the dollar.

5 thoughts on “Post 484: No Phone for You

  1. Is it the wrong card because you don’t have an AT&T GoPhone?
    Is it wrong because $10-$100 is the wrong amount?
    Is it wrong because you were high and you thought all cards were the same because you go by thickness?

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