Post 486: Cupid Misses the Mark

In honor of Hump Day Valentine’s Day, this week we are looking at personal ads from lonely, sleazy, and possibly very ill Sparkies. Kicking it off with Mr. Clever here.

I wood love a hot woman to fool around with tomight!

post 486 mr wood

I ##o wood love #o# a hot woman, ###o to fool around with tonight! I am 420 friendly, and wood luv you to text me! I have plenty of 420! I am able to host! BTW, I have hundreds of pairs of brand new panties, and bran new bras to give to any lovely ladies that need them!

I wonder if a friend wrote this for him. He’s so serious in the photo. Honestly, if this ad does attract someone, it won’t be pretty. Brain Bleach shots available in the lounge.

5 thoughts on “Post 486: Cupid Misses the Mark

  1. Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Sheriff’s Department, we’d like to talk to you about “having plenty of 420.”
    Sheriff? But, we’re DEA!
    FBI! Hands UP, this is a Raid! Dammit.
    ¿Inquisicion? ¿Alquien ordeno una Inquisicion espanola?

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  2. Once again we see the sparkii notion that CL is a law-free environment.
    Just-in-case, here’s a photo of myself soliciting persons to violate the law.

    Pay no attention to ADM Akbar–he likes being tied up like that, honest, begged us, even.

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