Post 488: Putting the Fun in Funeral

While there is always a hint of sadness in personal ads, the missed connections are the most heart-wrenching. So much assumed on Sparky’s part, so little input on the object of his affection’s part.

Making eyes at the memorial – m4w
You were a beautiful blonde sitting on the other side of the room. I could not help myself but to continue to glance over and it appeared that you were doing the same in my direction.

Unfortunately after the service ended, I was in a rush to get to an appointment and had to leave without introducing myself.

If by some miracle you see this and I wasn’t mistaken, reply here with something to confirm it was me you were making eyes with.

I’d love to take you out!
body: fit
height: 6’0″ (182cm)
status: single

How long to you need to get over losing your husband/brother/father/grandfather/stranger you met on the train and tried to give CPR to? Hit me up as soon as the tide has turned and if I don’t have another appointment, I’ll take you out. Lots of good eating at funeral receptions.

3 thoughts on “Post 488: Putting the Fun in Funeral

  1. “Hallo,
    I’m so shallow I believe really hot nymphomaniacs routinely peruse obscure parts of online want ads seeking out over-aroused cretins with libidos as overblown as their egos.
    Please sext me.

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