Post 489: Haul Asseries

Craftsman 3 HP table saw and asseries – tools – by owner

post 489 asseries

condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Craftsman model name / number: 113.298761. 
Good condition table saw for sale. Work great with aserories. .

This gem submitted by Ralph, who commented, “Asseries, aserories, whatever. When at first…” Typical Sparky, knows it’s not right but can’t be bothered to look it up. Or even make the word the same in both uses. Thanks, Ralph.

5 thoughts on “Post 489: Haul Asseries

  1. To the breech, the breech!
    To assail dread Craftsman
    Or wall it up wi’ asseries

    In time of peace, naught
    Becomes so much as tabled saw
    But, it time of war, to take
    On the face of not.a.lion
    And sale with aaseries
    In owner condition.

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  2. I went to an asserie once. It was not at all what I expected. Likewise I went to a menagerie but menage had nothing to do with it.


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