Post 490: Bush Hunter

Adult cat to re-home
My allergies have all a sudden gotten way out of control. I’ve tried everything. I have 4 cats and need to rehome at least 2 so I can manage the dander properly.
I love my cats and have had them for years.
I will not just give away my babies to anyone. You must prove you are a forever home and be the appropriate fit. 
Cat #1: Momma. She’s given us two beautiful litters of cats. She’s a very anxious cat and will only cuddle under certain circumstances. She’s an indoor and outdoor cat. Goes out to pee and poo and check out her surroundings and then comes in to eat relax and sleep. Ideally she needs to go to a home without little kids and without other cats. She doesn’t like the other cats in our house and steers clear of them. But when it’s just me and her and it’s sleepy time she’s a big softy. Kneeds, purrs, suckles on a fluffy blanket drooling along the way lol. She’s a hunter has brought home crows and mice. If she’s lucky she will find a home in the bush somewhere.

Cat #2 kitten – he’s the biggest baby of them all. Licks meows snuggles and loves. Also pees n poos outside. Indoor outdoor cat. Would love him to go to a home without other cats so he can get the attention he desires with owners who are also home enough to do so.

Please reply with a car owner resume that reflects one of the cats characteristics. I would also let them go together since they know each other. Kitten is mommas son. He’s neutered.

I promise to be a furever home until my allergies kick in.

I promise to give the cat a good home in the bush.

I promise to let her keep all the crows and mice she finds.

I promise not to LOL in her presence.

I promise to keep her away from my car. (As NinjaChow points out, “Not quite sure what my car has to do with anything.”)

Kitten is neutered. Is mommas spayed? I think I’m going to pass this time. Thanks, NinjaChow, for this glimpse into cat slavery.


5 thoughts on “Post 490: Bush Hunter

  1. Dear Sparky,
    I’m a loving pet owner of a Burmese Python who would just adore your cats. I can pick them up tomorrow in my Pussy Wagon. I don’t live in the bush, but I can bring them a shrubbery.

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  2. Kar resume:
    I drive wirh no headlights on in rain at night.
    I only text when absolutely need to, or every 15 seconds, duh. I must be popular, as everyone honks at me all of the time everywhere I go.
    Here, take my cats, I’m not sure how they work.

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