Post 491: Crafty Arts

Micheal Angelo’s David (Marble finish) – £10000
Arts & crafts imperial distributors, are proud to announce, on offer is this rather rare, vintage piece, collectors item.

Discovered from the depths of Florence, is Micheal Angelo’s David.

Classic, timeless piece, ideal for the cultured, art & crafts enthusiast.

Table-size, with immaculate marble stone finish.

From Ratwoman: “So, Mr Angelo, how’s the sculpture business?”

“Well, it’s shrunk a bit but it’s probably the cold weather.”

Sparkies of England have a touch more class, asking huge amounts of money for rather rare bits of trash. Bet they sell it, too.


7 thoughts on “Post 491: Crafty Arts

  1. “Tabletop size”?
    Given that the original is near 5m (14′) tall, that could be some table.
    If we presume this is scaled down a bit, say, 1m, well, £10k seems steep even for 30kg of marble.
    Now, if this is 50-60cm and only a kilo, and of “marblene”(tm), well then, see, Colonel, tanks break, see; paratroops catch on fire . . .

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