Post 492: Tree & Full is My Three Doors Down Cover Band

3 Doors &christmas tree & full be
Free 32inch inside doors
Good condition.
Christmas tree
condition: excellent 

Photography Tip, Sparky: Wait until you are sober before taking photos. Otherwise you get blurry results like this. Another brilliant submission from NinjaChow, who wants to know, “Is it code or poetry?”

Please answer in the form of an essay or a haiku. Include solution to 3 x Free over 32 Inches. Show your work.


4 thoughts on “Post 492: Tree & Full is My Three Doors Down Cover Band

  1. Spark’ we humans exist, for better or worse, in the three spatial dimensions we can perceive.
    As a result, our donestic portals are also invested with more than one dimension.
    While the thickness of domestic doors is given short shrift, it does bear upon the hardware used to operate tge putatitve door.
    But, let us not cast aside that very valuable measure, the height of a door. This is often modified, extensively, to fot its opening, to clear floor obstructions; or merely to create an impression.

    Thus, to that end, free us from Flatland, or else Christmas will not be free.

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