Post 494: Seen Better Days

Eddie Bauer
Needs to be cleaned and painted

I’m holding back the photo on this one until the end. Because you won’t believe what Mr. Bauer looks like today. Considering that he died in 1986. He was chairman of the company for many years. Are you ready? One of these photos is of Eddie and one is of the thing Sparky is selling. You have 30 seconds to choose.


8 thoughts on “Post 494: Seen Better Days

  1. Must be nice, in the various blizzards of designer goods (Phil Glass, et al) to be able to presume rhar all will connotate the precise goods to be vended.

    From the title, I was wondering which vehicle was meant. Then considered toasters (toast wirh marmalade sounds tasty just now). Even thought about pie racks (I like pie, too).

    Child high chairs with some sort of squashed tarantula upon them was not my fourth thought.


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  2. Well, look at it!
    No, I’m afraid.
    What are we going to do?
    Dunno, skip to mexico until he turns 18?
    No, about the chair!
    I’m not touching it!
    Maybe it could be painted?
    Not touching it with a brush, either.
    Well, what, then? The HOA is pissed.
    Dunno, sell it on CL? It’s “designer” you know…

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