Post 495: Sparky, You Shrank Your Brain

It’s Pet Week in Sparkyville!

 Miniature German Shepherd look-alike needs a good home
Nana is a 1 year old small miniature German Shepherd look-Alike.

She weights about 10 pounds; fully vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed, fully house trained, can hold pee up to 8 hours; She knows the commend “Sit”,”Stay”, “OK”, “Roll Over”, “Down” , “Go Pee Pee”

She is extremely friendly, affectionate, active, good with children and people , except CAT….she can’t go to a home that has cat….I really have nothing to complain about her. She is a wonderful dog.

I have a full time job with 2 years old toddler and one is coming on the way excepting in Sep 2018 , we really don’t have the time to take her out and given her the right exercise amount she deserve…

She will also come with a small traveling crate (which we use that to travel with her in the car); and feeding bowl, leash, and her own bed and some food to last for a week. Re-Home Fee is require. Serious inquiry only, thank you

Nana hates the cat people. As a GSD look-alike that is a small miniature, cats are too much of a threat. I think most of the photos are from when she was a small tiny puppy. The last one looks more like a year-old dog. Submitter NinjaChow says, “A 10 pound German Shepherd? That’s one way to avoid the dreaded Chihuahua spelling test.”


3 thoughts on “Post 495: Sparky, You Shrank Your Brain

  1. Sparky has another 2 year old on the way sometime other than September, but doesn’t have the time to exercise her? What does that have to do with the dog?

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  2. Doppelgangers come in toy sizes now?
    Can’t wait for the teacup variety.
    What freaks me out is Nana is a dog now. Okay, maybe she’s someone else’s Nana.

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