Post 496: He Looks a Little Flushed

It’s Pet Week in Sparkyville!

hamster (Location)
free hamster comes with food,treats,and a cage you come pick up

Sparky couldn’t be bothered with a photo of the little fluff ball. No idea how old the creature is, and hamsters only live about 2 years. I’m thinking this is sketchy in the extreme. Add in the city mentioned in the ad as where you would need to come pick up the little fella, and the map which shows a town 38 miles south of that city.

Wait a few more months, Sparky, then give him a burial at sea.


5 thoughts on “Post 496: He Looks a Little Flushed

  1. Geography is complicated.
    Proportionality represented as fractions taught so long ago; third grade.

    If a person is a state away, say Tucson–then la Jolla and San Diego are coincident.
    From, oh, El Paso, one might be forgiven for colocating la Mesa or El Cajon–that’s about 790 miles away.

    However, it matters rather a greater deal if a person is in National City, they will not consider Escondido “nearby.”


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