Post 497: No Sale for You!

It’s Pet Week in Sparkyville!

pets (no animal sales or breeding — rehoming with small adoption fee
Stop breeding animals to sell on craigslist, not only is it illegal but it’s cruel. Get a job, stop living off the backs of pets.

In this timely ad by a well-meaning Sparky, we see the trademark “Jumping to Conclusions” paired with a seamless “Lump Them All Together”. Typically this is followed by a taunt from the audience like, “I sell puppies to puppy mills!” wherein Sparky will type furiously, “NO ANIMAL SLAVERY!” while doing an interpretive dance showing PETA rescuing beagles from a medical lab, thus dooming thousands of humans to waiting a few more years for the cure to whatever. Meanwhile, the beagles can’t find homes because you can’t post that stuff on CL, so they are humanely euthanized. Now aren’t you glad you posted the ad in the first place? Love my local CL.


4 thoughts on “Post 497: No Sale for You!

  1. Such is life in the post post-modernist era.
    Meanings are self-applied and self generated.
    “You are not the boss of me!” is the rule.
    Thise railing aginst this are doomed to Sissfussian futility.
    And an excess of beagles.
    Which will prevent an excess of bagels, but not baying bugle-like.

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