Post 498: Starring Carol Burnett

Remember that great television special about the Princess who could feel a tiny hard pea under a pile of mattresses? She was so royal and sensitive that she tossed and turned all night. I loved that show! And it looks like Sparky has something related to that to sell. Maybe.

Queen Size Insect Free 
Have several queen size mattresses bug free no rips etc just come pick them up

Come pick them up, if you can! We used to have a regular commenter on You Suck at Craigslist who bought a mattress from Craigslist and was never heard from again. Dun-dun-DUH!

Or maybe Sparky has a Queen Size Insect that he’s giving away for free?


Thanks for the ad, Ralph. You know, the title of the ad describes me pretty well.


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