Post 500: You are My Sunshine

PV Solar inverter x 2 – $500
Selling two 3000 watt solar string inverters one works perfectly the other on says insufficient solar energy don’t know why. 500$ for both

Insufficient data, Sparky. Why not sell the working one for $250 and throw in the on that doesn’t work? Not sure I want to invert the sun, anyway.

Happy 500th Post, WTF Sparkyville! Whoo-hoo! Many thanks to my regular contributors and to my loyal following of dozens. Without you folks, I’d just be talking to myself.




4 thoughts on “Post 500: You are My Sunshine

  1. Solar panel uses magic to create voltage in direct current. Because of Tesla, the wirld uses alternating current. To make the one into the other wants an inverter (or a transformer for AC to DC).
    The process of inversion creates rather a lot of waste heat, so inverters tend to have both mass and a lot of cooling fins. The heat is also an enemy of the inverters, and can cause premature (or unexpected) failure.

    The problem, though, is that we are depending on Sparky and his solar strings to have diagnosed this even vaguely accurately.
    See, solar panels have a weakness. If a cell in the panel goes bad, the entire panel shuts off (this is something intrinsic to panel construction). Panels will low voltage if dirty, or covered in pollen, or the like. Sparky could very well have a dead array on the roof ans a perfectly good inverter. Or not.

    Oh, and resale on inverters is about $100-125, not $500 (list new is around $600)

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  2. “Utility Interactive” or “Grid Tie” inverters are more expensive than cheaper backup power versions, since they have to produce pure sine waves synchronized with the power grid. Otherwise, the electrons get into arguments, and the resulting bar fights can get ugly for everyone on the power line.

    Equivalent 3000 watt units now sell new for about $1000. These discontinued units were originally about $2500 each. $500 is an OK price for one used one, and a very good price for two if they both work. It would help if Sparky would specify the input voltage, which is not on the ratings panel. Hooking this up wrong without that info can make things very sparky.

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