Post 501: Not-So-Cozy Dog

 Missing Dog – Belgian Malinois X German Shepard
Last seen yesterday morning (2018.02.26) around [Something] ave and [Or Other] st in [Location].
Large Build, Sable fur. Goes by the name Rolo. Very energetic and is known to howl at sirens
Please contact me if you have any information.

**UPDATE Rolo was seen walking around people’s backyards around noon yesterday (2018.02.26) at [Mystery] Rd and [To Me] in [Location]

***UPDATE (2018.02.28) someone has replied to the ad saying they have him in their care. We are excited to reunite with Rolo and will take down the ad once we have him back home.

Much Appreciated!


Ninja Chow submitted this ad: So I have a few questions,

how hard is it to find a dog in a bright yellow rain coat?  Sparky says he goes by Rolo, is that an alias, what’s his real name? Is the belly picture really necessary for ID?

I think Rolo is actually Agent K-13, or Fang. He slipped out of the yard, removed the raincoat, and went to spy on the Operatives of CHAOS. Once he filed his report, or a ruff draft, he started hanging out where Sparky would be able to find him. All in a days work for a CONTROL operative.

Tune in next week when Agent 13 tries to finally get out of the trunk of a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger two-seat roadster.


2 thoughts on “Post 501: Not-So-Cozy Dog

  1. Steam of consciousness CL is absurd enough.
    Cannot (don’t want to) imagine what Spark’s f/b & twitter feeds looked like over that span.
    Pretty sure the dog is the smarter of the two.

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