Post 502: Shell Boy

antique copper mold with seahell pattern – $55
Large all copper heavy thick antique mold with sea shells 11.25”x 2” with attached ring for hanging $55.
Other molds pictured are available. Great display for kitchen.

Well, there’s your problem right there. It certainly looks much more like seahell than sea shells to me. Whenever you get tired of trying to sell seahells by the sea shore, I know a scrap metal collector who will take them off your hands for nothing.

Thanks, Ralph, it’s not every day we get a glimpse of seahell and live to tell about it.

4 thoughts on “Post 502: Shell Boy

  1. Black mold, green momd, mildew, antique copper mold…
    And what evidence is Spark offering that this myelium is, in fact, ancient? Copper age and not Bronze? Ottawa Jones here needs to retake their Grade 8 Archeology again, I believe.

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  2. (Whispered voice-over)
    Here we see the Copper Age forms for rendering fungi into shamanic masks for tge ritual frightening of neighbors an relatives with gelatinized offerings.
    Note the use of natural shapes to depict the mythical seawhores’ seahells to induce even more fright in the victims of these horrific rituals.
    The terror of this regime was overcome by the Tuppers, who gradually introduced snap-seal containers for holding viscera wrenched ritually from their sacrifices called crane-bury and turn-key with stufflings.

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