Post 503: She May Have Seen Better Days

This is an official Walmart Easter plush animal squeezably soft and adorable as a basket full of baby kittens and 100% brand new this is an economy plush baby chick and yet is very nice Walmart did good in 2007 on their Easter selection this is been kept in storage hasn’t been played with used or handled it has not been put on display can’t remember if this had a little hang tag that said Easter on it or not because you never know it Walmart sometime there’s no tags and if you buy a couple of these one of them does have the tag they scan the tag because they’re all considered plush Easter animals the tag doesn’t show up in the pics I’m going to have to say no tag on this one but yes new

BREATHE!!! Whew. I tried to read that out loud but almost passed out. Sparky, let me sell you some punctuation marks, M-Kay? Baby chicks and baby kittens are rather redundant. And so far, only Walmart thinks their toys are collectibles. This poor chick has been in storage for 11 years, just so you could sell her? I’m sorry, but the phrase “Rode hard and put away wet” comes to mind.


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