Post 504: When I Say Jump


post 504 jim

Must pick up today!!!!!!!!! Free Moving serous inquiries!!!!!!!!ONLY….tex for pick up location…..

Wow, this Sparky is about to go over quota for exclamation marks. Ralph sent this in with questions, of course. How long has Jim been in prison? Where do I sign up for the free moving? Who is this Tex person and how did he get involved in the pick up location? Are you serious?

Dang, that was my quota for question marks.


4 thoughts on “Post 504: When I Say Jump

  1. The serous system is a complicated and intricate system of nonperforate vascularity used by sparkii in lieu of ordinary neurochemistry. It is a vestigal anatomy in higher-evolved hominids, at least after age 25. But, can reassert itself in times of stress, intoxication, and the like.
    Curative actions include reading literature, knitting, craftwork, and snark.

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  2. So, if I don’t pick it up today, are you taking it with you? If so, then you don’t really need it gone today. If not, perhaps I could pick it up later.

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