Post 506: Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?


I am downsizing from a 4300 sq. ft. home to 1100 sq. ft. condo so I have to sell all of my Collectors Dream Art Items:

SERGIO BUSTAMANTE Animal Collection (All 3 Real Life Size: Ostrich, Walrus, and Brass Parrot-Cost of Parrot new is: $5775), Prices vary. See Photos.

Adjustable keyboard and mouse typing stand

Semi-Nude Decorator Coffee Table Reduced from $1950 to $1795, See Photo.

post 506 naked lady table

High End 8 foot Immaculate Beige Rose and Green color couch $1495
Every single cushion is reversible and all of them are in perfect condition on both sides and so are the front, back, and sides of the couch as you will see from the photos.
The dimensions of the couch are: 8 feet wide, 43 inches wide, and 23 inches high.
Well made quality construction and top of the line fabric.

High End Venice Tapestry by artist: by Vladimir Stroozer, $495 See Photo

Large Wall Hanging Tapestry of Panther and Leopard by Warwick Reynolds, $595 See Photo

Two very colorful large Oil Paintings by Mia $2895 for both. Will sell separately for $2595 for woman in red and $495 for Mia Oil Painting without a subject.

Hand Carved Wood Decorator Chairs (Horse and Indian), $595 each; both for $995. Matching Desk available separately for $795.

Entire Queen Size High End Gorgeous Wood and Rattan Bedroom Set: Bed, Armoire, 2 nightstands, and wood chest

Wrought Iron and glass Desk with matching Stool $135

Buddha Collection, $595,

Elephant Collection, $695.

Cat Collection $495,

Dancers Statue and Figurine Collection, $235

Dance Artwork, $495

Horses Collection (All sizes), $595
Animal Collection,

Life size animals, Prices vary.

Statues of all sizes, Egyptian Collection, $450

Music Artwork Collection (6 pieces of artwork), $495

Flying Pig, $245.

Art work (Oils, prints, 2 Large Beige and White Serigraphs: 45.5 x 32.5 each; one of a man and one of a woman), $395 for both. See Photos

Area Rug Black and Gray Squares in excellent condition 14 x 12. Quality carpet! $495

4 Animal Prints Carpets and Rugs, Prices Vary depending on size and quality

Art Deco/Contemporary Uniquely shaped Pink Chair and matching ottoman $245

Barstools of all heights sizes, shapes, and colors: Brown, black, red. Some are hydraulically adjustable too!

Mirrors of all sizes and shapes

Decorator Large Bowls and Serving Dishes, Prices vary.

Clocks, Prices vary.

Candle Holders, Prices vary.

Very colorful Glass Vases Collection: $295

Vases all colors, sizes and shapes Individually priced

Wood and Glass Bird Collection,

Pinocchio Wood Puppet, $55

Set of 3 Boomerangs, $45

2 Bolas, $22

Please reply to this post regarding specific items you see and are interested in for more information

At first, I thought the naked lady table (NLT) was the same as this one. But on closer inspection, I see the one for sale here doesn’t have a black pole on her stomach, isn’t as busty as the first one, and does not seem to have plastic wrap over her face. Whew!

Also look at the price. The first NLT went for over $1500, but the current NLT is a whopping $1795, down from $1950. Still, it’s kind of weird that these “classy” tables are still out there, somewhere. I hope you weren’t interested in any of the other items, I am not going to post the pictures of them. But you have to see the walrus and ostrich. Isn’t that something?

post 506 animals for sale


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