Post 507: Cage Match

Dom Bird cage
Great Dom Bird cage this comfortable home for small birds to Med size Birds.
Includes three doors for easy access to your pet, two perches &Toys pull-out tray and removable grate for easy cleaning.
20x16x15 inches

Asking $ 45.00 Cash ( like New )

Sparky. Very few birds are into BDSM. Unless you are taking really big pills, no birds are Med size. Do all the bills in the $45 have to be like new? How about a twenty that went through the wash a few times?

You know, somewhere out there, someone is making leather suits for Amazon parrots.


4 thoughts on “Post 507: Cage Match

  1. “comfortable home for small birds to Med sized Birds.”

    Lower case used for small birds.
    Upper case for Med Birds.
    What do you use for LARGE BIRDS?

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  2. Med sized Birds are going to be able to fly right out of that cage between the bars. That of course depends on the size of the Meds. So where do we apply the leather tethers?

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