Post 509: Bottle Baby

Empty liquor bottles
Approximately 75 empty bottles. Mostly bourbon and scotch some tequila. I’ve displayed them like a trophy for long enough but doesn’t feel right throwing them away. A lot of them are top shelf some in boxes or tins

It’s hard to take Sparky seriously when he’s obviously still living in his mom’s basement. Also he thinks emptying a bottle of liquor is worth of a trophy. And what’s up with putting an Irish representation with all the alcohol? Talk about stereotypes.

Saving Grace: He’s not asking for any money. Too bad recycling glass doesn’t pay much. Next time, Sparky, get beer in cans. Thanks for the ad, Ralph!


2 thoughts on “Post 509: Bottle Baby

  1. Your top shelf is still underground. Come up into the light and only then will you see your empty bottles are beneath you. Then you can give them the toss into the dumpster they so richly deserve.

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  2. The Celtics are a long way from the cellar this season. Unlike Sparky, they have figured out that large amounts of alcohol does not enhance performance.


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