Post 511: New New Math

It’s YSaC Classics Week!

Vintage Mid Century Modern Glass Top Octagon Shaped Table – $40
Vintage retro mid century modern solid wood and glass topped octagon shaped side table with storage underneath. Table measures 19″ across and 21″ tall. $40

vintage, retro, mid century, mid-century, midcentury, modern, side table


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***Cash Only

OMV sent this one in. He’s giving Sparky a break here. “Okay, maybe if we count the top side and the bottom side.”

What I want to know is, should that be midcentury, mid century, or mid-century? Can it be vintage AND retro at the same time? Thanks for the confusion, One, and love the classics!

4 thoughts on “Post 511: New New Math

  1. The “octa” part is correct; it’s an octadecahedron (18 sides) if you don’t count the base separately, and more mid-70’s schlock than mid-century modern. I would classify it as TSPBC: Thrift Shop Particle Board Crap.

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  2. …and the inside, and the outside, and the sides around the top, and the sides around the middle, and the sides around the base…

    And this is my theory, and it is mine.

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  3. When checking other ads by this user, this one was one of the very few that the poster did not set a chair next to it (for a size reference). (S)he even set a matching chair next to a chair (s)he was selling.

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