Post 512: Brush with Fire

YSaC Classic Do Work For Me and Response

Sparky Number One:
brush pile for bon fire [Location]
A pile of dry brush enough for about 5 truck loads and some big pine chunks, truck it away please 


Sparky Number Two:
Brush Pile for Funeral Pyre
So somebody in [Location] is “offering” a free brush pile – a big one – enough for five truckloads. This guy wants one of us to schlep up to [Location] five times in a truck, and then load the brush in the truck. So we can have a bonfire. Ridiculous. This isn’t free stuff. This is someone trying to hire a free trash collector.

I’m offering this guy in [Location] to come to MY farm to pick up a free load of fresh horse manure that I have carefully collected. And if he wants to scrape my barn he can cart away the free red paint that blisters off. I also have 7 broken TV’s, a couple of pieces of shattered Ikea furniture.
And, as a bonus, I’m offering a dead Easter houseplant.

Sadly the photos are no longer available, but you can easily imagine what all the stuff listed above looks like. Just to help you along, here’s a dying Easter houseplant. Thanks, Ralph, for sending these two in.

post 512 dead lilly


5 thoughts on “Post 512: Brush with Fire

  1. Maybe someone should go out to Sparky’s place and show him how to have his own bonfire. Just bring marshmallows because the weenie is already there.

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