Post 513: Public Sparky Announcement

NinjaChow reminds us all to have our dogs sprayed regularly.

Sweet Jack Russel need rehome

post 513 jack russell

I have two dogs. Chihuahua and jack Russel. They are with me for 10years and 7years now. Unfortunately, I have to rehome one of them because going to live in a tiny studio. Jack russel is 7yo. She is super sweet because I got her when she was 6weeks old. She never got bad experience so trust ppl and warm friendly and calm. She sprayed and have done all shots. I have paper certification. She never pee or poop in house as long as you let her out at least twice a day. Either yard or go for a walk. I will make sure she goes to a forever home. They are both healthy and good shape. Still looks like puppies because i took care of them well. Please let me know if you are interested in so we can set up a meeting. Adopt fee is $200 includes her belongings like coat.

So much good snark here. I don’t know where to start. Trust ppl and warm friendly and calm. That could be my favorite. Adopt fee is $200 includes her belongings like coat. Wow, my dog came with her coat at a much lower fee. At least Sparky spelled Chee Whoa Whoooah correctly.

Hope the pupper found a good home and learned to spell so the next ad she posts will have a better chance of reaching real people. Thanks, NinjaChow!


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