Post 514: If She’d Shed the Shed

Half made she’d – $000
I’ve got a she’d that needs to be gone….it’s above a ten by ten….good base good walls front and side has siding…has a window and screen….shelves …good she’d anyway…come get it it’s free because I can’t take it with me.

I give Sparky credit for caring about the she’d’s needs. And the philosophical concept that you can’t take it with you, whatever it is. She’d been a good she’d. Ralph, you found another great slice of Sparkyism. Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Post 514: If She’d Shed the Shed

  1. Well we know we have some misspellings.

    She would
    She wood
    She board
    Sparky has a female boarder who (s)he can’t get rid of and wants you to come get her.
    Half made
    Half maid
    She might clean half of whatever, like your base and front, but not your windows.

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  2. It’s above a ten by ten what?

    And I think Sparky meant a half-maid she’d. That thing looks pretty androgynous, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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