Post 515: Do Not Pass Go

Monopoly – $250000
Need 1 monopoly for a millon
108ah will split 3 ways
Call sheri
### seven ### four # [number]
Leave message please

*heavy breathing* Sheri, I have a million in Monopoly money for you if you’ll let me — BLEEP!

People will do some strange things for money. I don’t even know how the grocery stores are running the game but this can’t be legal. Thanks, One, excellent if vague ad.


5 thoughts on “Post 515: Do Not Pass Go

  1. Hmm, identify the one critical playing piece in a grocery store giveaway.

    Advertise to conspire to rig the result for a minority share of the winnings.

    Naw, no felonies there.

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  2. It’s possible she’d be the lady who was hanging out next to the checkout. If someone said they weren’t playing, she would collect their pieces.

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