Post 516: Don’t Rock the Duck

In the Lake District around Sparkyville, there’s a legend about the mysterious Rocking Duck. According to the old tales, the Rocking Duck would come out of the mists in the fall and tell the migrating ducks if the lake was a safe place to land and rest. If the duck didn’t trust the scent of the air, it would quack out a warning and disappear. The only way to prevent this was to bath regularly and to put a collection of hand carved rocking ducks on the water. This would lull the Rocking Duck into a sense of security and it would quietly rock back into the mists, leaving the hunters to slaughter the flocks that came to land. Sniff. It’s a great story, isn’t it?

11″ Vintage Wood Rocking Duck -Hand Carved – $35
Old Wooden Rocking Duck – Hand Carved Wood

Beautiful Hand Carved Vintage Wood Rocking Duck.

Measures 11″ long beak to tail feathers, 3 1/2″ wide and 8″ tall

Folk Art, or Doll Collector.

Thanks, NinjaChow. Now you know why you keep seeing these items for sale.


6 thoughts on “Post 516: Don’t Rock the Duck

  1. I hope there aren’t two of these things. Same duck as post 280 but different text in ad. Sparky #1 bought duck from Sparky #2. Sparky #2 got so much Aflac from friends that Sparky #2 decides to get rid of it.
    Either that, or Sparky #1 could not get rid of it the first time.

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