Post 517: High-priced Cup Holder

F350 King Ranch Dully – $23
Cowboy Cadillac – Everything about this truck screams work, and fun. You can pull anything you want with this truck for work or pleasure. It is a 6.0 diesel with the King Ranch interior, after market stereo with DVD player, Sunroof, all automatic windows, seat warmers, 5th wheel hitch, plus toe package, and for your comfort rear air bags to pump up or down for an easy ride while pulling. There are to many other options to list. New tires within the last 6 months.

This truck has been babied and please only serious inquires please.

The truck screams. It’s for work or pleasure. Has a hitch in the 5th wheel. Shouldn’t the toe package come with the boots, cowboy? Rear air bags – I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean. Pump up or down. Should we be seeing this? Please, please. I didn’t even use all the photos attached to the ad. This Sparky certainly is a dully.

OMV states that a Sharpie costs less. And probably would be more useful around the ranch. Thanks, One!

5 thoughts on “Post 517: High-priced Cup Holder

  1. That 5th wheel hitch gets in the way when you want to carry stuff in the bed, like hay bales, and the King Ranch interior is too fancy for most horses. And this isn’t very useful as a toe truck, either — it needs to have a wheelbase many feet more.

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