Post 518: Craptastic

I dont always go to yard sales, but when I do, I go to this one

post 518 yard sale

Friday Saturday and Sunday End of block on via las [location] April 13, 14 15

Fabrics, for the sewers, Great deals on yards, starting at $1/yard, $2/ and $3/yard. Lots and lots of crap, lots of good stuff too, but mostly a bunch of crap. So much crap you didnt know you needed. Clothes mens, women-

Gee, I’ve always joked about avoiding yard sales because I don’t have room for another yard. I never thought that could really be a thing. I could go just to see these clothes mens and the women, apparently for sale.

The biggest question I have is, considering the crap involved, is that a place for sewers (pipes to take the crap away) or sewers (people who sew)?

Considering it’s my local CL, either may apply.


5 thoughts on “Post 518: Craptastic

  1. It always sounds a bit creepy down in the sewers, tending to my yards. Hanging fabrics on the walls. Lots of crap, but some good stuff too. I found a rubber ducky with only a few teeth marks, but that last pizza? No way. Somebody put pineapple on it. At least I think it was pineapple.

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  2. I’ve heard of double negatives (I don’t got no ideas), but double plurals? “Mens” that’s like men squared or something. Of course women is singular plural…Hey, that’s an oxymoron. who knew women are an oxy*SLAP* OW! Hey! That hurt.

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  3. If the fabric and crap is for clogging the sewers, how big are the yards? And why is it that every time I go to a yard sale or a garage sale, they never want to sell me just the yard or garage?

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  4. Do you believe in dreams? I’m in a subway and it goes into a long dark tunnel. Then it stops. Panic-stricken I leave the subway, start running down this corridor which turns out to be a sewer. Pretty soon I’m up to my neck in filthy stinking liquid and I’m swimming and I get to the end of the corridor and there’s my mother.

    She says, “Have some coleslaw, Emo.” And I passed out from exhaustion.

    And this is where I had the dream.

    -Emo Phillips

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