Post 519: No Step on Snek

 Retailed boa 
Comes with brand new in closure
Heat pad and bedding and hut and water dish
Very friendly always handled and handled by young children around 2-4 year olds
Will not sell snake separately

043018 no_step_on_snek

Sparky predicts the future: This boa will be retailed at $375. Sparky does not support separatists. But seems to be okay with inclosure. Or maybe has closure with selling the boa. I certainly hope he buys some punctuation and a dictionary with part of the money. Thanks, NinjaChow, I’m sure the snake was too shy for a picture. Unless it was taken by the young children.


5 thoughts on “Post 519: No Step on Snek

  1. $375 is a lot for a boa that was without a tail. It was nice of Sparky to get it another one. Apparently, getting retailed puts the snake in closure after the trauma of losing its tail.

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  2. So, this feather boa was vended from a store, then pawed at, or upon, toddlers, who are boarded in a hut with a bowl and a heating pad.
    What would David Copperfield think?

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  3. No info on the age or size of the snake? Boas in captivity can reach 12 feet long and 50 lbs.

    Maybe Sparky ran out of 2 year-olds to feed it. They’re even more expensive to buy retail.

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