Post 520: Poor Marx for Spelling

3 engel fish and fish tank free

post 520 fish

i have 3 engel fishes and a extra fish tank that needs a new home asap, let me know if you are interested, call anytime

Here we see the violence inherent in the system. These working class fish expected to be cared for by Sparky, but instead they are simply objects of ridicule. Or maybe Sparky needs someone to call, anytime. He’s tired of talking to the fish.

Thanks, Ralph, for the ad and for the title. You’ve got a lot of class.


6 thoughts on “Post 520: Poor Marx for Spelling

  1. [cory] Engel makes coolers. A variety of styles. They also make “fleixble” dog bowls. Apparently they don’t have spellcheck. No information on whether they made Sparky’s fish or how flexible they are. [/cory]

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  2. Why would a fish tank “need” a new home? If not taken care of properly, is the tank going to become feral? Will it start raiding the neighbor’s trash cans?

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