Post 521: And Then There Were Five

Numbered Wolf Family Statues
Lifesized wolf family statues. These state Pandora and are numbered. $500 for all OBO.

Gee, that black and white wolf looks the most realistic. I’d take the set but Sparky wants all the obos. I can come up with maybe 10. How many obos are there, anyway?

One Moving Violation captioned the first photo: “Me too! I’m part of this pack.” I hope no one buys it so that the puppers isn’t left alone with Sparky.


4 thoughts on “Post 521: And Then There Were Five

  1. Bin-bin (O, how he hated his slavename) was more than tired of this pack of sparkii.
    This pile of clay got better treats than the real dog.
    Then, opportunity beckoned. Slip into this photo, then paw out a CL listing, and a better pack was in the offing. The hamsters made it out, so could the dog.

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