Post 523: Gentilly Lace

designer clothing gentilly used 
Hi everyone

Ladies designer consignment store going out of business.Lots of items are marked down between $1- $5
We are also selling racks and mannequin and pictures art mini refrigerator, Vacuum cleaner and some dishes as well . This Wednesday ([Month 1],28- Friday [Month 2] 2) 10AM – 5 PM

Hi Sparky.

How many lots are we talking about here? How much for the pictures art mini refrigerator? Have you ever used parenthesis before? Can the naked mannequin be rented? Asking for a friend.

Thanks, NinjaChow, wonderful collection of Sparkyana.


6 thoughts on “Post 523: Gentilly Lace

  1. If the items are on consignment, is it okay with the owners of the items to mark them down? I’m really not up on consignment etiquette.

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