Post 524: Tears Me Apart

Reptile 3 tear tank unit


Hello I have a 3 tear reptile tank unit each tank is a about 60-70 gallon tank it’s in very good condition just text or email me with any question you might have and for price. It was not cheap so please no lowballing. Also have a male red translucent hypo leatherback bearded drago available and a Indonesian blue tongue skink. Need gone asap

I’m tearing up, this situation where Sparky has to tear up his family hits me right in the feels. He has his standards, won’t lower the price, but needs the thing gone asap. I’ve always wanted a male red traslucent hypo leatherback bearded drago. My Local CL is full of great deals like this.


12 thoughts on “Post 524: Tears Me Apart

    • But I don’t want to be screwed by a skink!
      Skink sounds like a little skank or maybe a female skunk.
      Isn’t Blue’s screws a children’s TV show? Sounds skinky.


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