Post 525: Gucci, Gucci Gu’d Grief

Let’s say you have something really valuable. A special designer item that unfortunately breaks. Now what do you have?

Womens gucci sun glasses – $40
Womens gucci sun glasses , one side snapped but other than that their in perfect condition and could easly be fixed . 40$

That’s right, you have $40$ worth of trash! Everyone but Sparky would toss it. Or use it in some strange jewelry collage bit of art. Thanks, OMV, for both the ad and the title.


8 thoughts on “Post 525: Gucci, Gucci Gu’d Grief

  1. Those can be glued with Goop or Shoe Goo (same thing, different label), although you need to leave a glue glob at the break. In other words, use Gucci gluey Goo. There, they’re, their. All better now?

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