Post 526: Diamonds are a Sparky’s Best Friend

Sparky, jr.: Daddy, now that the nice lady left you, can we go on a vacation?

Sparky, sr.: Well, son, that’s a pretty good idea. Maybe we can go visit your mama in that Federal Correctional Facility in Florida.

Sparky, jr.: But I want to go to DisneyWorld. Besides, we don’t have a car.

Sparky, sr.: Not a problem, I have something I can sell or trade. Now you go pack.

18K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
Beautiful Engagement ring that was only worn for about 1 Month. No damage, no issues. Simply just sits in Jewellery box. Selling to take family on vacation.

Clarity SI-2
Colour I-J

Clarity SI-1 to I-1
Colour G-H

Total Diamond Weight 1.15CT
Total Weight of Ring 3.40 GM
Appraisal: $6265.00CDN
Appraisal date: November 2010

$5500 Or trade for a Honda, Acura, Toyota Car, Prius ideally (possibly others) in good shape


NinjaChow sent this in with the question, “I really want to know the story here? $5500 or a car, what kind of vacation are we talking, road trip?” I’m thinking one way, no matter what the destination might be. Thanks for the ad and the mystery.


7 thoughts on “Post 526: Diamonds are a Sparky’s Best Friend

  1. There’s a song (“Lights of Loving County”) that speaks of a sheriff’s dead wife’s diamond ring I cannot get out of my head while reading this.
    Luckily, as earworms go, it is a good tune.

    Hmm, come to think of it, Charlie Robison penned a song about a bank robbery that went wrong, too. And of a preacher in dubious circumstances . . .

    CR is from Banderra, Texas, which is nowhere near Canadia (not even close to the Canadian River, either). And he owns a Suburban, a boat, and a tour bus . . .

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  2. Tell me about your ex-fiance. Why did you break it off?

    She was a gold digger!

    But you ain’t got no money.

    I know, she was stupid too!

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  3. “No issues”

    Really? None at all?
    She didn’t have an issue with him?
    He didn’t have an issue with her?
    His kid(s) didn’t have an issue with her?
    Her kid(s) didn’t have an issue with him?
    Why are you selling the ring? I mean, besides vacation.

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