Post 527: Now Sparky needs an Ez UnLoader

1976 26 foot ez loader – $1000
1976 26 ft ez loader boat trailer with boat $1000 without boat $1500 both have clear titles.###-number##-number###.

*side eye at Sparky. Really? You’ll drop the price by $500 if I take the boat, too? Is there a dead body in it? Fish guts you forgot about? Guns and drugs you thought you had dropped off a year ago? OMV submitted this and points out Sparky is a talented business person. “I’ll pay you to take my boat.” Who could resist? Thanks, One!


10 thoughts on “Post 527: Now Sparky needs an Ez UnLoader

  1. The hull thing is a 40 year-old piece of junk with no outdrives and not worth fixing. Disposing of it means paying someone to cut or break it up to remove the fuel tanks (hazwaste), haul it to a landfill that accepts demolition debris, then pay the tipping fee. Good luck finding someone to do that for $500 for a boat that size.

    Here’s another alternative.

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  2. Well, the $500 is pretty low tare for sticking Sparky with an extremely bad (see Ralph, above) sand box. Just to wheel away wirh only the trailer. (Have to presume the “unboating” involves hitching to trailer followed by a sudden acceleration; ka-thump.)

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  3. Ok, a brief whip-round shoes EZ loads are $500-750 (the latter for pristene, new trailers), so Spark is trying to rip the buy ofc (surprise, not).

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  4. *head to lake with boat and trailer.
    *tape a few sheets of newspaper over holes in back of boat.
    *put inner tube in boat.
    *put boat in water.
    *paddle to middle of lake.
    *sit in inner tube on deck.
    Boater: “what cha doin’?”
    Me: “going down with my ship.”

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    • Unfortunately, since ±1972 the US Coast Guard has required boats to be built with flotation. That hull will swamp, but not sink, unless you fill it with enough weight to make it almost impossible to launch. You could seal the holes in the stern with something more substantial than newspaper, then get a cement truck or a load of rocks on a barge to fill it up, but that would cost more than disposing of it on land. Maybe someone wants a playhouse for their kids?


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