Post 529: Clubbing’s Too Good for It

Club Chair- Free
Nice club chair, very comfortable. We have cats and there is some scratch damage on the lower arms ( see pics). Still very clean, non smoking home. Great for a den, or throw a cover over. Free .Please email or text #number # – #number number- number number # number.

Please throw a cover over it! Good job, cats, trying to destroy the monstrosity. What does it matter if your house is very clean and non smoking, Sparky? Unless you mean it will be better once the chair is gone. Ralph, you find some of the most interesting things on Craigslist, yea verily. Many thanks.


5 thoughts on “Post 529: Clubbing’s Too Good for It

  1. Yes, club it. Kill it with a stick. (Everybody should have a stick.)

    We can hope that whoever (whomever) created this will not reproduce (it).


    • Okay, I checked. It was whoever. I should have checked before posting. I missed a lot in school. (moved over 50 times before graduating High School) Sometimes missed a month at a time. Never finished 4th grade. Not to mention I was a low oxygen baby, getting a head injury while playing with my casket, and later, becoming a zomb. Then today I see that chair! You can understand why, with all this brain damage, my grammar fails me sometimes.


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