Post 530: Wild Thing, You Move Me

Moving sale
Red drawer 35.00
2 chairs25.00
TV Stand brown 15.00
2 Drawers 25.00 each
Black leather chair 55.00
Galaxy tablet 7″ 100
Poang chair 35.00
Auto espresso machine 350
Ice maker 50
Piano with stand.bag 350

Oh, Sparky! You’ve drunk the IKEA Koolaid, haven’t you? It wore off, and you found yourself surrounded by Tarno and Helmer and Poang. The only solution is to move and sell the offending items off to unsuspecting bargain seekers. There is a flaw here, as NinjaChow points out: “I’d prefer if the dresser came with the drawers.” Thanks for the moving experience!


6 thoughts on “Post 530: Wild Thing, You Move Me

  1. Man, apartments in historical districts are getting tough–you have to ditch your MCM for victorian or greek revival . . .:)


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